Artist Statement: "Painting is the interpretation and the result of my spiritual experience, it allows me to comprehend the magic of life, and moreover, grow as a human being...from a positive sensuality." - Alberto Lago

About: Born in Cuba from the city of Manzanillo (Granma) - Alberto Lago studied at the Academy of Plastic Arts of Holguin and in the Institute of Superior Art in Havana, Cuba. Lago explores concepts related to the subjective experience of happiness within all of us and the characteristics in which happiness is associated with: tranquility, pleasure, ecstasy, euphoria, pleasantness, contentment, etc. The relative connotations in much of these concepts are related to the presence of a duality that permeates all of the painter's works: the counterpoint between the experiences of reality and the experience (through art) of something that is sublime - in the remembrance of the imagination; without excluding the possibility that both exist simultaneously.

The state of happiness within humanity is a theme that many artists have explored, especially painters such as Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Marc Chagall and many more. Alberto Lago has followed in these footsteps, but has also identified with the visually "psychedelic" ideal of the 70's and the diverse currents of Neo-expressionism. In his paintings he combines the abstract with the figurative and almost every element is constructed from a repertoire of cultural symbols or pop imagery, such as: happy faces, hearts, stars, flowers, etc. - and positively connected to the impromptu ideal of "Bad North American Painting". This entire chromatic spectrum is used without inhibition, however, still cautious about avoiding the stridency of the mixture with the color white. The result, especially in his landscapes, is a "Loud Harmony" that encloses everything.

Lago's artwork also possesses a unique characteristic that sets him apart from other contemporary Cuban artists. He paints almost exclusively with fluorescent pigments from which the canvases transform under the effects of black light, creating an almost bewitching experience for the viewer! The vocation of the escapist - this painter has obviously acquired as a forefront a reality that would be considered aggressive and cynical which enables him to reach a paradox, and not just in the process of creation under a surplus of imagery, but rather in the creation of an atmosphere of pure fantasy that invites the viewer to participate in his surreal world.